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Microbial sample pretreatment system
  • Microbial sample pretreatment systemMicrobial sample pretreatment system

Microbial sample pretreatment system

Microbial sample pretreatment system

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Product Description

Microbial sample pretreatment system

Microbial sample processing intelligent robot system adopts mechanical arm instead of traditional manual sample processing and scribing inoculation, and automatically performs a series of operations such as cap screwing, code scanning, code sticking, handling, cap opening, cap closing and scribing inoculation for microbial samples, thus greatly guaranteeing the biosafety of microbial workers and improving work efficiency. Standardization of microbiology laboratory workflow.Babio will be the most advanced robot technology, vision technology, infrared sterilization technology, color label sensing technology, motion control technology, bar code scanning and printing technology to the fully automatic intelligent robot.


Product advantage

  • Unique one-click operation:Once the sample is placed inside the device, just click the start button and the whole process starts automatically, without any need Early setting.
  • A variety of flexible marking methods:Automatic infrared sterilization of inoculation ring, automatic marking, marking method is automatically selected by the equipment according to the type of sample, or In accordance with the requirements of the user special custom marking method.
  • Convenient automated processing:The sample tube automatically identifies the bar code, shakes, opens the cap, closes the cap after dipping the sample; Culture-medium automatically opens and closes after inoculation Cover and label; Samples can be placed anywhere on the sample tray, without having to be arranged as needed, even during work Add samples anytime.
  • Real-time monitoring function:Unique vision technology, real-time monitoring of the sample processing process, and real-time feedback to the human machine interface, including: current trial Tube, sample information, marking method, completed culture medium count, completed sample tube count, current equipment status, etc.
  • Safe use features:A sophisticated real-time bacterial filtration system, coupled with ultraviolet lamps, ensures sterility in the work area.


Technical parameter

ET-800 :

Maximum number of samples in a single storage

28, samples can be placed anywhere, no need to sort

Medium treatment efficiency:

90-120 / hour

Type of plates placed at the same time:

6 types, Φ90mm

Injection method

Place randomly at any time

Sample type

Sputum, stool, urine, fluid and other microbial samples

Specimen handling

Multiple samples are processed at the same time, and the whole process does not require manual intervention

Quantitative inoculation

Accurately achieve 1ul, 5ul, 10ul quantitative inoculation



Overall dimension

L*W*H 1868*838*174

Working environment:

5℃ -60℃

Petri dish processing efficiency:

90-120 / hour

Maximum number of samples to hold

15, can be performed consecutively

Type of petri dish placed at the same time:

Six kinds of

Inoculation ring specification:

1-20ul Optional

Inoculation ring sterilization method:

Infrared high temperature sterilization

Inoculation method

Spiral, font, multi-zone and other customization methods

Mode of operation:

Parameter presetting

Sample type:

Sputum, stool, urine, effusion, food and other microbial samples



Sample flux

28 samples

Sample size

Automatic dosing of digestive fluid



Processing speed

15-20 minutes to complete 28 samples

Sample type


Civil air defence measures

The covered sample tube is directly mounted on the machine to avoid the risk caused by sputtering of the covered sample; Automatic opening, automatic closing quantitative sample adding (adjustable)

Disinfection method

Ultraviolet disinfection system



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