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The basic structure of the air disinfection machine


Air filter of the air disinfection machine: most air purifiers on the market mainly achieve the purpose of purifying air through filter screen, and the filter screen is mainly divided into particle filter screen and organic filter screen. The particle filter screen is divided into coarse filter screen, fine particle filter screen and fine particle filter screen; Organic filter screen is divided into formaldehyde removal filter screen, deodorization filter screen, activated carbon filter screen, etc. Each filter screen mainly targets different pollution sources, and the filtering principle is also different.

Water tank of the air disinfection machine: with the increasing attention of consumers, the function of the air purifier is not limited to air purification. By adding the structural design of the water tank, the air purifier can not only complete the basic mission, but also humidify the air.

Intelligent monitoring system of the air disinfection machine: the intelligent monitoring system is simply understood as the supervisor of air quality. Through the built-in monitoring equipment, it can make good, medium and poor judgment on the air quality in real time. Consumers can choose to use the air purifier according to the air quality. In addition, the intelligent monitoring system can also monitor the service life of the filter screen and the water level of the water tank, which is convenient for users to understand the working state of the air purifier.

Negative ion generator and high voltage circuit: generally used as an auxiliary purification function, it mainly sends negative ions out with clean air. Negative ions have the functions of sedation, hypnosis, analgesia, increasing appetite and lowering blood pressure. After the thunderstorm, people feel comfortable because of the increase of negative ions in the air. Air negative ions can reduce the reactive oxygen species (oxygen free radicals) produced by atmospheric pollutants, nitrogen oxides and cigarettes, and reduce the harm of too much reactive oxygen species to human body[ 6]

Disinfection device: electrostatic air purification device in terms of its structure, there are generally three products on the market: flat structure air purification device, honeycomb hexagonal channel air purification device and round hole channel air purification and disinfection device.

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