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Caries enrichment medium

Caries enrichment medium

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Product Description

Caries enrichment medium

Caries, commonly known as "worm teeth" and "tooth decay", occurs in children's deciduous teeth, called deciduous teeth caries, is a bacterial disease, with early onset, high caries rate, rapid development of caries and other characteristics.

【Product name】

Caries enrichment medium

【Packaging specifications】

Model: caries type;

Specifications: 2.5mL/ piece, 3mL/ piece;

Packing: 2 PCS/box, 5 PCS/box, 10 PCS/box, 20 PCS/box, 50 PCS/box, 100 pieces/box; 1 bottle/box, 6 bottles/box, 12 bottles/box.

【Intended use】

It is used to provide a specific growth environment for the propagation of microorganisms.

【Test principle】

The medium was composed of tryptone, sucrose, sodium chloride and indicator. Pancreatic egg white peptone was used as nitrogen source and sucrose as carbon source. The tooth surface was sampled and cultured at constant temperature.The change of medium color predicted the body's sensitivity to caries.

【Main components】

Tryptone, sucrose, sodium chloride, indicator.

【Storage conditions and expiry date】

Store in a cool place at 2-25℃ away from light for 12 months; 2-37℃ transport within 7 days,

The product remains stable.

【Sample requirements】

The specimens will be delivered to the appropriate laboratory within 4h after collection.

【Usage method】

1. Label: Label the medium before sampling;

2. Sampling: Take a special disinfectant swab in the mouth of the maxillary molars buccal side near the neck and lower anterior

Gently wipe the lip and neck of the tooth 3-5 times to collect plaque, and put the cotton swab into the medium.

Remove after oscillation;

3. Culture: Put the medium into an incubator at 36 ° C ±1 ° C for 36-48h;

4. Read the result: Observe the color of the medium and make the corresponding report according to the indicator card.

【Limitations of test method】

1. Sample collection conditions, time and volume are important variables for obtaining reliable results.

Please follow clinically recommended specimen collection guidelines.

2, this product can only be used for the formation of caries detection and prevention.


1. Only for in vitro diagnosis.

2. Read the instructions and follow them carefully.

3. Keep your mouth clean before sampling and collect as little saliva as possible.

4. Samples should be cultured in an incubator at 36 ° C ±1 ° C within 4h after collection.

5. Each medium is 1 person, disposable use. Do not use on more than one patient,

Repeated use may lead to a risk of infection and/or inaccuracy.

6. Samples may be a microbiological risk, so follow a doctor when handling all items

Standard protection requirements for therapeutic institutions.

7. Extinguish all biohazard wastes (including samples, containers and media) after use A fungus.

8. The expiration date of the product or the packaging of the product is damaged shall not be used.

9. Turbidity, impurities, precipitation and other phenomena of the product are prohibited from use.

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