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Advantages of Nsopharyngeal Swabs


Advantages of nasopharyngeal swabs

1. It can stay in the pharynx for a long time in order to obtain more sufficient specimens.

2. The patient is well tolerated, and can basically take samples without anesthesia after proficient operation, but the surface anesthesia and contraction of the nasal mucosa can be performed at the beginning.

3. The exposure risk of the sampler is lower than that of the oropharyngeal swab, because the sampler can stand behind the patient during the sampling, and the patient is required to pull down the mask to expose only the nostrils, cover the oral cavity, and do not need to look directly at the patient’s oral cavity. There is basically no pharyngeal reflex, and a few patients may have sneeze reflex after sampling. The patient can be covered by elbow or tissue. Since the sampler is not in front of the patient, the exposure risk is quite lower, so the psychological pressure of the sampler will not be so great.

nasopharyngeal swabs

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