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Can the culture medium still be used after it gets damp and clumps?


If you are engaged in formal inspection work, then once this happens, the culture medium cannot be used. Once clumps occur, it means that the dry powder of the culture medium has deteriorated. No matter how effective its culture is, it has been judged as unqualified in quality control from the appearance, and naturally cannot be used. At the same time, such culture medium should also be discarded (if you want to keep it for some informal experiments, you can write "for practice only" on the packaging bottle)

However, as long as the clumping culture medium is not particularly serious, its culture performance is generally not a big problem. If you are not doing formal experiments, but just want to do it yourself, or use it for teaching, then most of them can still be used. If this is the case, it is best to use a known positive strain as a control before use.

Baibo Biotechnology, a leading player in the field, specializes in producing high-quality dry powder medium for microbiological applications.  Their expertise extends to formulating dehydrated media in microbiology, including nutrient-rich options like dehydrated nutrient agar.  Additionally, Baibo Biotechnology contributes to research by providing essential components such as granular medium.  As trusted dry powder medium manufacturers (OEM), they ensure optimal microbial growth and accurate results.

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