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Causes and treatment methods of non-dripping infusion set


Transfusion does not drop, it may be caused by improper posture, but it does not rule out that it is caused by the wrong puncture site, low pressure and many other reasons, and it is necessary to accept the correct treatment after the cause is clear.

1. Improper posture

If the patient does not maintain proper posture during the infusion, it may cause the infusion set to bend. If the infusion set bends significantly, it may affect the flow of liquid. It is usually necessary to maintain correct posture to avoid bending the infusion set.

2. Wrong puncture site

If there is no puncture to the inside of the blood vessel during infusion treatment, it may also cause the infusion to be affected. At this time, you need to undergo puncture again and also need to go to a regular hospital for treatment.

3. Pressure is too low

If the position of the infusion bottle is lower than the hand, it will also lead to poor fluid flow, in which case it may be accompanied by blood return. It is usually necessary to raise the position of the infusion bottle to avoid further damage.

In addition to the above common reasons, it may be caused by the blockage of the infusion set exhaust pipe, etc., and it is necessary to inform the medical staff in time for correct treatment.

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