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Vacuum blood collection tube storage temperature and precautions


Vacuum blood collection tube storage temperature 

Storage temperature

 the storage environment temperature of the blood collection tube is 4-25, if the storage temperature is 0 or lower than 0, it may cause the rupture of the sampling blood vessel.

Precautions before the use of vacuum blood collection tube

(1) If there is foreign body or sediment in the blood collection tube, please do not use it
(2) Please do not use the collection vessel beyond the expiration period
(3) This blood vessel is for one-time use, and should be placed in a special treatment container after use, with destruction.
(4) In the process of blood collection, blood analysis and blood transmission, medical personnel should wear gloves and other protective tools to prevent blood from splashing or leaking to the body to avoid blood infection.
(5) When using vacuum blood collection, keep the liquid level in the tube lower than the puncture point to prevent blood backflow.